BCP Construction Quality Assurance Officer

26 January 2024

Lviv or Kyiv offices
With business trips 50% of working time at Border Crossing Points in Lviv, Volyn, Zakarpattia, Vinnytsia, and Odesa regions.


Ukraine’s efforts to win the future – emerging from Russia’s full-scale war ready to accelerate its development as a sovereign, independent, democratic, and prosperous state – require a dynamic, inclusive economic recovery. Through partnerships with the government and robust private sector engagement, ERA has supported economic growth and resilience in Ukraine since 2018. Following Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and subsequent occupation of the part of Ukraine, ERA shifted from its focus on Eastern Ukraine to cover development priorities across the country that address Ukraine’s urgent needs in export logistics and infrastructural improvements.


USAID’s Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) is one of USAID’s core partners implementing the $350 million Agriculture Resilience Initiative – Ukraine (AGRI-Ukraine) that was established in 2022 to bolster Ukrainian agricultural exports and alleviate the global food security crisis exacerbated by the war. Under AGRI-Ukraine, ERA partners with public and private companies to complement and leverage urgently-needed grain transportation and transshipment investments.

INFRASTRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENTS ERA also directly supports the Government of Ukraine, including the State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine (SARDI), the State Customs Service and Ukrainian Railways, to upgrade 42 of Ukraine’s border crossing points (BCPs). Modern and more efficient border infrastructure and customs procedures will reduce export costs and increase export capacity, enabling  Ukraine to scale trade and advance its path to EU integration.

BCPs Renovation and Upgrade:

  • Infrastructure Improvements: deliver equipment, architecture and engineering design and construction services at 9 priority (6 road and 3 rail) and up to 12 additional BCPs that improve traffic management systems, cargo processing, and terminal infrastructure and equipment for cargo and passenger processing, to increase exports and manage traffic more efficiently along the borders of Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.
  • Standardization and Efficiency with Rapid Upgrades: target total of 42 BCPs with immediate upgrades such as prefabricated office structures and restrooms, pavement repairs, signage, barricades, and equipment for weighing and scanning that address urgent needs and improve user experience and perceptions of Ukraine.
  • Equipment and Traffic Management Systems:  procure mobile truck scanners, fixed and dynamic scales, luggage and hand-held scanners, and rail cargo equipment to increase export capacity and meet international standards for cargo processing; and develop and implement modern traffic management systems at select, high volume BCPs.

About the job

The Construction Quality Assurance Officer ensures that BCP Upgrade construction projects meet the required quality standards, comply with regulations, and progress according to the established timeline. S/he plays a vital role in the preparation of documentation, providing on-site inspection, and coordinating and collaborating with Customs, Border Guards, and SARDI at the local and regional levels on the schedule and work sequences. This role ensures compliance with Ukrainian Construction Codes and standards and USAID/USG requirements for upgrading BCP infrastructure. The Construction Quality Assurance Specialist is based in Kyiv or Lviv and reports to the Senior Manager for BCP Team.


Upgrade Construction Quality Assurance:

  • Conduct on-site inspections of BCPs to verify that construction activities are carried out in accordance with approved plans, specifications, and quality standards.
  • Identify and address any deviations from the prescribed construction methods and standards.
  • Ensure that all construction activities adhere to Ukrainian construction codes and standards.
  • Verify compliance with USAID and US governmental requirements for upgrading BCP infrastructure.
  • Oversee the collection of relevant documents related to construction activities, ensuring they comply with Ukrainian construction codes, standards, and USAID/US governmental requirements.
  • Work closely with the BCP Team to understand project requirements and coordinate activities to achieve project goals.
  • Provide support and information as needed for effective project management.
  • Coordinate and actively participate and be involved in construction oversight by Author Supervision performed by the designer/author of the project.
  • Communicate progress, challenges, and other relevant information to the Senior Manager for the BCP Team assigned.
  • Upload infrastructure documents to TAMIS, and reflect all infrastructure activities in TAMIS.

Monitoring & Evaluation: 

  • Manage activities to implement workplan at improving ERA’s indicator for the BCP Upgrade development;
  • Coordinate efforts with the M&E Director on overseeing deliverables for reporting, including establishing reporting schedules and developing reporting templates;
  • Manage data collection in order to report against Activity performance indicators;
  • Coordinate with the M&E team regular data collection its progress, relying on innovative data gathering methods when appropriate;
  • Use effective mechanisms to support the M&E team in monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the ERA implementation;
  • Capture the output and outcome level data, and document and report the results in a timely manner.


  • Contribute to compiling the reports on BCP improvements and Quality Assurance for the ERA’s BCP management regularly; document the work progress carefully and meticulously.
  • Process the documentation and maintain control of the construction records in TAMIS;
  • Prepare accurate and timely progress reports on a quarterly basis and contribute to the preparation of annual reports;
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Expectations

In this position, you are expected to share the DAI’s four core values:

  • Integrity: commit to civil and ethical behavior, play by the rules, and do the right thing;
  • Responsibility: be accountable to clients, partners, grant recipients, beneficiaries, colleagues, and communities where we work. If you fall short, you own up, fix the problem, and get it right the next time;
  • Excellence: adhere to the highest technical and professional standards in innovation, learning, and service;
  • Global Citizenship: respect cultural diversity and treat everyone everywhere with professionalism and dignity to make the world a better place.

About you:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Archtecture.
  • A minimum of 3 years of general professional experience is required,
  • Working experience with expert organizations to attain positive conclusions and building permits will be an advantage; Technadzor certification is a plus.
  • Professional understanding of design review and compliance verification,
  • Experience in construction on-site monitoring,
  • Experience with international donor-funded projects is preferred.
  • Professional writing and speaking skills in English and Ukrainian,
  • Fluent English is preferred, and Ukrainian is required.


Contract length: 12-month employment agreement with a possibility of extension.

Benefits Package:

  • 28 calendar days of annual leave
  • 10 days of internal well-being paid leave per annum
  • Medical Insurance for ERA staff and their families
  • Life Insurance for ERA staff
  • Coverage of all expenses for the business trips
  • Military reservation is possible and granted if you are on a relevant military register

Start date: June 2024

Application process

All applicants must send a cover letter and updated CV (no longer than four pages) in English to ukraine@dai.com.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or status as a protected veteran.

Closing date for applications: June 15, 2024.

For further information about DAI GLOBAL LLC, please consult our website era-ukraine.org.ua.