Economic Resilience Activity
USAID Economic Resilience Activity is helping micro, small, and medium businesses innovate, invest, and expand markets
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Alternative Energy
We support the use of agricultural and forestry waste for heat production in collaboration with other international donors.
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We support technology transfer through roundtables and study tours, and improve coordination between beekeepers and farmers.
Information Technology
We foster the creation of IT associations or clusters in Kramatorsk and Mariupol, increase access to English language courses
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Innovation for Manufacturing
We help to innovate small and medium enterprises in the region strengthen their business skills, to promote their products in new markets, and to gain access to finance.
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We work with businesses in the Azov region to overcome negative perceptions and capitalize on previously untapped cultural and natural heritage touristic resources.
We foster new partnerships between smallholder farmers and large commercial processors, provide agronomic and marketing coaching
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