Innovation for Manufacturing

Innovations for manufacturing (I4M) activity within USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) aims at propelling the business of manufacturing and engineering companies in the region to the next level. We actively network locally to discover promising and established businesses, to partner with them, and extend tailor-made consulting, networking, and grant assistance with the goals to increase sales, diversify end markets, improve quality of jobs in the region and promote horizontal connections on the local, regional and international levels.

The manufacturing sector has historically been well developed in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts and we aim to support the revival of its strength and vigor. Our approach is to look deeply into every business define essential growth points where we can usefully contribute through consulting and grant support. Some of the examples of our projects with partners are assistance in:

  • developing and implementing corporate branding
  • building HR practices
  • developing business strategy
  • locating partners abroad and starting cooperation
  • growing client base in Ukraine


Apart from that, we also contribute to the business development of our partners with grants.

I4M partners represent a diverse set of manufacturing sectors with pharma, heavy machine building, plastics, and building products to name just a few. When helping companies, we use our own consulting capacities as well as involve external independent consultants to scale up our efforts.

The first group of I4M manufacturing partners went through thorough learning and practical activities aimed at formulating long-term business strategies. These documents are our joint roadmaps on which we plan our support activities for their further development.

Our current list of strategic partners includes:

Company City Oblast Sector Products
TANA Severodonetsk Luhansk Petrochemical Polymer

Polymer compound materials

AG&K Rubizhne Luhansk Pharmacy Polymer packaging
Kontakt Druzhkivka Donetsk Engineering

Gas equipment manufacturing

High-pressure gas regulators

Gas odorization systems

Confectionery Factory Druzhkivska Druzhkivka Donetsk Deep processing of sunflower Halva

Sweets and snacks

Sunflower oil

Sunflower subproducts

Pharmbiotest Rubizhne Luhansk Pharmacy Clinical trials

Laboratory diagnostics

Microkhim Rubizhne Luhansk Pharmacy Production of generic medicines
Rubizhne Hosiery Manufactory Rubizhne Luhansk Hosiery Socks



MAGMA Mariupol Donetsk Heavy engineering Production and repair of non-standard mechanical equipment


Metal processing

KramTechCenter Kramatorsk Donetsk Heavy engineering Conveyor systems

Metal processing

Production of non-standard mechanical equipment

MZMK Bakhmut Donetsk Metal structures Structures for general use

Tanks for oil and food industry

ATG-Construction Mariupol Donetsk Construction Construction services

Metal structures

TeraWatt Mariupol Donetsk Industrial automation Industrial automation

Mechanization solutions


Kauchuk Mariupol Donetsk Industrial rubber products Rubber compounds

Industrial rubber products

InGas Mariupol Donetsk Production of industrial gases High-frequency inert gases