USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA)


USAID’s Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) is one of USAID’s core partners implementing the $350 million Agriculture Resilience Initiative – Ukraine (AGRI-Ukraine) that was established in 2022 to bolster Ukrainian agricultural exports and alleviate the global food security crisis exacerbated by the war. Under AGRI-Ukraine, ERA partners with public and private companies to complement and leverage urgently-needed grain transportation and transshipment investments.


ERA also directly supports the Government of Ukraine, including the State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine (SARDI), the State Customs Service and Ukrainian Railways, to upgrade 42 of Ukraine’s border crossing points (BCPs). Modern and more efficient border infrastructure and customs procedures will reduce export costs and increase export capacity, enabling  Ukraine to scale trade and advance its path to EU integration.


Ukraine’s efforts to win the future – emerging from Russia’s full-scale war ready to accelerate its development as a sovereign, independent, democratic, and prosperous state – require a dynamic, inclusive economic recovery. Through partnerships with the government and robust private sector engagement, ERA has supported economic growth and resilience in Ukraine since 2018.
Following Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and subsequent occupation of the part of Ukraine, ERA shifted from its focus on Eastern Ukraine to cover development priorities across the country that address Ukraine’s urgent needs in export logistics and infrastructural improvements.

AGRI-Ukraine Grain Export Logistics 

Danube Port Transshipment: (1) procure grain loading equipment, temporary storage structures, and port handling-related equipment, (2) procure pilot boats as well as support port service needs for navigational safety throughout the Danube River system, and (3) renovate and repair port storage and logistics facilities.
Road Transshipment and Logistics: (1) procure specialized grain trailers and agricultural commodity shipping containers and (2) deliver loading and unloading transshipment equipment to make future road shipments a more efficient alternative should Black Sea ports remain closed due to Russia’s ongoing aggression.
Rail Transshipment and Logistics: (1) procure grain wagons, (2) supply new or used shunter locomotives, (3) deliver temporary storage bags and loading transshipment equipment, and (4) supply spare parts to repair grain wagons, ultimately to strengthen routes for Ukrainian producers to transport grain by rail through modernized equipment and handling practices, while enhancing western border checkpoints.
Phytosanitary Testing and Export Compliance: (1) deliver equipment and consumables for grain testing to 10 Ukrainian state phytosanitary laboratories and (2) ensure capacity building and training for laboratory staff.

BCPs Renovation and Upgrade 

Infrastructure Improvements: deliver equipment, architecture and engineering design and construction services at 9 priority (6 road and 3 rail) and up to 12 additional BCPs that improve traffic management systems, cargo processing, and terminal infrastructure and equipment for cargo and passenger processing, to increase exports and manage traffic more efficiently along the borders of Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.
Standardization and Efficiency with Rapid Upgrades: target total of 42 BCPs with immediate upgrades such as prefabricated office structures and restrooms, pavement repairs, signage, barricades, and equipment for weighing and scanning that address urgent needs and improve user experience and perceptions of Ukraine.
Equipment and Traffic Management Systems:  procure mobile truck scanners, fixed and dynamic scales, luggage and hand-held scanners, and rail cargo equipment to increase export capacity and meet international standards for cargo processing; and develop and implement modern traffic management systems at select, high volume BCPs.


Timothy Madigan, ERA Chief of Party, Timothy_Madigan@dai.com
Bill Mays, ERA AGRI Director, Bill_Mays@dai.com
Cameron Berkuti, ERA BCP Director, Cameron_Berkuti@dai.com

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