What are the key activities in the tourism sector of the ERA?

30 March 2021

Our key activities are as follows:

  • Support in strategic planning and coordination of development of the tourism industry of the Sea of Azov region.
  • Promoting investment attraction and job creation in the tourism sector.
  • Conducting a promotional campaign and information support for the Sea of Azov tourism brand.
  • Facilitation of effective management of tourist destinations (cluster model).
  • Support of the region’s tourism infrastructure.
  • Promoting the better quality of tourism services, creating new tourism products to extend the season and/or attract new categories of tourists.
  • Strengthening the capacity of cultural and historical sites and helping in conducting festival and ethnic events.
  • Support of associations and partnerships in the tourism industry.


What is a tourism cluster?

30 March 2021

A tourism cluster is a sectoral, territorial and voluntary association of business structures which cooperate closely with the scientific (educational) institutions, non-governmental organizations and local authorities, with a view to improve competitiveness of the tourism product and facilitate the economic development of the region.  In our opinion, a tourism cluster is an optimal way of cooperation capable of addressing any issues in the sphere of development and support of tourism in the region.

Who can become ERA’s partners in the tourism sector?

30 March 2021

The essence of our cooperation is provision of investment, grant and technical support to entrepreneurs, educational institutions, non-political civic associations and communities registered in accordance with the legislation and interested in tourism development in the Sea of Azov region. The region includes Mariupol Raion of the Donetsk Oblast, Berdiansk and Melitopol Raions of the Zaporizhia Oblast, and Henichesk and Kakhovka Raions of the Kherson Oblast.

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