What can one do if PPAs (Plant Protection Agents) underperform (do not work effectively), and diseases and pests continue to develop?

30 March 2021

Primarily, quality control of spraying water must be in place (it should be within the limits of рН 4–5.5, and Ec (salinity) should not exceed 1.5.

Secondly, the process must be in strict compliance with the application guidelines for PPAs (always original ones and with unexpired validity)

Thirdly, integrated system of protection should be used — biopreparations and entomophages, pheromone and sticky traps

Fourthly, permanent surveillance of disease incidence and pest infestation must be in place, and preventive work must be done, without waiting substantial spread of pathogens.

How can one grow organic products?

30 March 2021

To do that, it is necessary to register your business in the first place and introduce GlobalGAP certification system. It will make it possible to control the production process and secure product safety and uniformity. The next step is going to be obtaining an Organic certificate, which will serve as a proof of your organic products and will control key points of organic production.

How can one improve vegetable crop yields when growing vegetables outdoors (in open ground) or in greenhouse?

30 March 2021

Firstly, agrochemical analysis of the soil and irrigation water must be conducted. It will provide insights into what lacks in the soil and what fertilizer system is to be opted for. The analysis of water will make it possible to find out whether there are chemical compounds which can block fertilizers or PPAs (plant protection agents).

Secondly, use high-quality seeds, fertilizers and PPAs

Thirdly, apply integrated method of plant protection (by using biopreparations and entomophages)


The main task of fruit-and-vegetables direction of USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) is the increase in the production and marketing efficiency, and entry into new markets from the local to the international scale for fruit-and-vegetables and meat-and-dairy farms of eastern Ukraine and the Sea of Azov region.

These forms of agriculture are primarily carried out by family farmers and have suffered most of all from disruption of traditional markets by the armed conflict.

We provide comprehensive support, consulting and engineering support from a wide range of professional experts based on a holistic approach.

Among the Activity’s partners in the sector are:

  • the Ovochi Stanichnikiv cooperative in Stanitsya Luhanska, which ERA has helped diversify beyond its traditional vegetable market in Luhansk to national supermarket chains and wholesalers
  • Sady Donbasu LLC in Kurakhove, which is developing its export potential for apples and sweet cherries to the Gulf states and new markets
  • Famberry LLC in Tokmak, the world’s largest commercial orchard of cornel berry, which is ramping up marketing and branding of this unique fruit for the Ukrainian and export markets

Besides consulting and grant support at the level of individual farms and enterprises, ERA supports events such as Local Farmer Festivals in Berdiansk and Mariupol to connect “farmer branded” products directly with consumers.

Main business lines and opportunities you can use for working together with ERA are the following:

  • Comprehensive business analysis and determining promising ways of development.
  • Improving technological processes of products growing, post-harvesting, storage and processing
  • Implementing world standards of production and product quality control – Global GAP & HACCP
  • Implementing successful logistics tools and brand development
  • Improving existing and creating effective economic and business models
  • Promoting and implementing cooperation, developing specialization and clustering
  • Providing specialized legal support, consulting and support in fruit-and-vegetables sector
  • Developing Digital direction and implementing effective IT solutions for products promotion
  • Marketing support and developing fruit-and-vegetables and meat-and-dairy business in local, national and international formats
  • Promoting effective trade in local, national and international formats
  • Engaging leading specialists in dual education programs
  • Grant and/or infrastructure support for promising and justified ideas