25 January 2023

Pavlo and Nataliia Chemerysky from Chernihiv Oblast have been developing their apiary for six years. They don’t sell honey in large batches, but rather create gift boxes with honey and nuts for corporate clients. The family united local beekeepers and created BILAR service cooperative. The Chemeryskys are planning to plant a hazelnut orchard in Chernihiv Oblast.

Two years ago, the Chemeryskys purchased a production facility in Trysviatska Sloboda, Chernihiv Oblast, and began renovating it. However, due to Russia’s shelling in February and March 2022, the workshop was partially damaged, as well as the car and trailer next to it. Restoration work began after Russian troops retreated from Chernihiv.

“Russian troops shelled Trysviatska Sloboda. There were 15 shell remnants near the production facility, and a car, some windows, and the roof were partially damaged, but we will restore it all,” says Pavlo Chemerysky.

Now the couple are establishing cooperation with Vytvirnia farm in Vinnytsia Oblast. Soon they plan to launch and export a new product for children, juice with honey. To meet all export requirements, certificates confirming product quality and safety are required. That’s why Nataliia Chemeryska participated in a consulting program for small and medium-sized enterprises organized with USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) assistance. ERA’s consultant audited the BILAR cooperative and recommended implementing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards in food production.

“Since we plan to export our joint product, we need to prepare. HACCP is one of the steps towards it. The consultant told us about the requirements for food production, production areas, and compliance with sanitary requirements, which we are going to implement in our premises. We have 35 square meters where we will have a workshop for pumping, packaging and storing honey. In the spring, we will carry out internal work to equip the workshop in accordance with the recommendations,” says Chemeryska.

Growing nuts for their production needs is one more area of development. The Chemeryskys have already planted a walnut orchard in Vinnytsia Oblast, and plan to plant a hazelnut orchard in Chernihiv Oblast.

They are confident that they will make their plans come true. They also believe that Ukraine will win, but in the meantime, businesses should make efforts to support the economic front