26 April 2023

USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) purchased a mass spectrometer under a grant for Ingas LLC, which relocated from its original base in Mariupol following the February 2022 invasion and is now operating in Odesa Oblast. The purchased mass spectrometer worth more than UAH 8 million, is a modern and highly accurate device for analyzing inert gases, including neon. Manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in scientific equipment, reagents and other products for research and analysis, the equipment allows for the highly accurate determination of the quality of inert gases. 

«By February 2022, our company employed 148 people and had a portfolio of orders from Ukrainian and foreign customers. Due to the war, we lost our facilities in Mariupol and rebuilt an alternative production site. The new equipment is critical for certifying the quality of our products,» says Serhii Vaksman, the company’s director.

The mass spectrometer will allow the company to be more competitive among other inert gas producers, and thus attract new customers and make more profit, because now Ingas can confirm the quality of its product, which is very important in the market of global microprocessor manufacturers.

The company currently employs 83 people.