SMART beehives from Ukraine will be installed at research apiaries in several countries

12 September 2023

During Apimondia Chile 2023 World Congress and ApiExpo exhibition, which took place in Chile on 4–8 September, AmoHive presented its new project, AmoHive IT Beekeeping.

During the event, the development team held direct talks with representatives of universities and beekeepers’ associations from the USA, Canada, Argentina and Brazil to discuss the placement of SMART beehives in their research apiaries and their connection to a common database. This will provide a unique set of data on the life of bees in different countries, which will form the basis for analyzing problematic issues and planning the development of global beekeeping.

According to the company’s representative, Oleksandra Kurdina, their idea is very attractive not only to scientists and beekeepers, but also to young people. This technology can help motivate young people to learn beekeeping and start their own beekeeping business.

During the exhibition, AmoHive won the competition for best beekeeping photo.

The photo received a silver medal at the 48th Apimondia World Congress. The photo shows a moment of communication between the Honey Sector Lead of USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) Ruslan Markov at the first IT apiary in Ukraine with professors from Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University during a training event in June 2023.

This recognition will help to promote the initiative widely in the beekeeping community.

AmoHive has set up Ukraine’s first IT apiary in Kyiv region and plans to provide IT beekeeping training for young people in partnership with Ukrainian agricultural education institutions.

At the end of last year, this invention won an honorable mention in the Best Innovative and Technological Solution in 2022 category at the European Bee Awards. The project is based on a SMART beehive equipped with sensors that operate autonomously using a solar panel and regularly transmit a set of data to a server and mobile application. This data is accumulated and processed using Big Data analysis technology. Obtaining this information allows the beekeeper to respond in advance to humidity and temperature in the hive, which will ultimately lead to improved performance.

With the support of USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA), 10 beekeeping equipment manufacturers, beekeepers and representatives of the Ukrainian Beekeepers Union took part in the international ApiExpo exhibition, which took place on 4–8 September in Santiago, Chile.

The delegation included representatives of 10 export-oriented Ukrainian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises – companies processing honey and other beekeeping products, manufacturers of beekeeping equipment and suppliers of IT services for beekeepers. The delegation also included two representatives of the governing bodies of the Union of Beekeepers of Ukraine and two USAID ERA specialists.