The Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum in the Kyiv region invites you

12 May 2023

In February 2022, the Russia’s forces destroyed the historical local history museum in Ivankiv, Kyiv Oblast. However, the museum staff managed to hide the paintings by the world-famous artist Maria Prymachenko. A significant part of the museum’s exhibition had also included woven items by Hanna Veres, which were burned during the shelling.

To restore the museum, solidarity events are held in Ivankiv, inviting people to attend weaving workshops, taste Obukhovytski cottage cheese pancakes and listen to authentic songs from Polissia.  
Ivankiv museum is a member of the Network to Protect the Cultural Heritage of Ukraine through a Solidarity Economy, which was created with assistance from the USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA). The network promotes cooperation between local businesses and helps to implement joint volunteer projects.