USAID ERA delivered a front-end loader to Kernel

AGRI-Ukraine Export Logistics Support
26 December 2023

USAID Economic Resilience Activity (USAID ERA) delivered a front-end loader to Kernel. The equipment will be used at the company’s terminals for the transshipment of agricultural products in Odesa region. One such loader can load about 1,500 tons of grain per day. 

Recently, the USAID ERA delivered three generators to the Kernel company – with a capacity of 800 kW. 500 kW and 200 kW, and a cabinet of automatic reserve input. They will ensure the uninterrupted operation of Kernel enterprises in Odesa without reducing the productivity of assets, even in the absence of a centralized electricity supply. 

In October, the USAID ERA  purchased 19 powerful generators for the needs of agricultural exporting companies. 

Background: Assistance to agricultural producers and infrastructure companies is part of the Agriculture Resilience Initiative (AGRI) – Ukraine, implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It aims to help Ukraine increase its capacity to produce, store, transport, and export grain.