USAID ERA purchases grain samplers for NIBULON

21 August 2023

USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) has purchased two mechanical grain samplers for NIBULON’s needs. In early August, these modern devices were delivered and installed at one of the company’s branches.

Thanks to the new Rakoraf mechanical samplers, NIBULON will be able to significantly increase the speed of effective grain quality control and the throughput capacity of the branch. It is expected that installation will allow the branch to receive more than 300 vehicles, which is 7,500 tons of agricultural products per day.

“The current state of electrification of the region’s railway infrastructure does not allow us to fully rely on railway capacity, and requires us to find ways to increase the efficiency of road transport. The Rakoraf samplers received from USAID ERA will allow us to speed up acceptance of cargo from trucks, sampling in the laboratory and further shipment of agricultural products for export. The installation of these new samplers will contribute to the sustainable and successful functioning of the branch, and thus help Ukraine and its partners to resist the aggressor on the way to overcoming the problem of world hunger,” said Mykhailo Rizak, NIBULON’s Director of Government Relations and Sustainable Development.

This assistance to NIBULON is part of Agriculture Resilience Initiative – Ukraine , implemented by the United States Agency for International Development. It aims to help Ukraine increase its capacity to produce, store, transport, and export grain.