16 June 2023

On June 15, the USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) conducted an online training for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses on the topic “Practical Usage of ChatGPT Tools for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.” Forty entrepreneurs took part in the training, some of whom havelearned about the possibilities of using artificial intelligence (AI)  for the first time, while others shared their experience.

Oleh Myroshnichenko, head of the USAID ERA business internationalization department, demonstrated how ChatGPT can perform text-based tasks, help promote business, generate ideas, and build analytical tables. He explained that ChatGPT is a dialog service based on AI that can be used for writing unique texts, psychological support, report generation, speech preparation, and business description development. This significantly saves time for the user.

Myroshnichenko noted further:

“ChatGPT is a useful assistant for business. In order to promote the company in the market abroad, the Chat can prepare a series of posts for a positive presentation of the company. But you should avoid general requests – for example, write an article about socks. It is desirable to give a specific task. You can have e-mails so that the text is optimally adapted to each client. You can ask AI to explain complex things using analogies understandable to the target audience – this helps to explain a complex topic. You can analyse competitors, partners based on information from their sites – in the case of using the paid version, the Chat can search for information on the Internet.”

The participants of the training asked about the use of the Chat in the context of copyright protection, and the possibilities of significantly increasing the productivity of the mental work undertaken by representatives of various professions.

USAID ERA plans to continue conducting such trainings which aim to teach small businesses to use new opportunities to strengthen their positions in the market, and to promote the products of Ukrainian manufacturers in foreign markets.

We bring to your attention the video recording of the first event on using ChatGPT, which was held on June 1, 2023. We will provide the recording of the second event in due course.