USAID ERA work to improve Ukrainian’s border crossing points (BCPs) in 2023 

BCP Renovation and Reconstruction
04 January 2024

November 2023 

  • Enhancement of Infrastructure: USAID’s Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) has significantly contributed to improving Ukraine’s border crossing points (BCPs). Notable deliveries and installations include three 1-ton scales, 312 water-filled road barriers, and 452 road signs  at four key BCPs along the borders with Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. 
  • Subcontract with Miyamoto International: In a strategic move, USAID ERA signed a subcontract with Miyamoto International. Some key deliverables under this collaboration include comprehensive feasibility studies, technical and economic justifications, and pre-design documentation for the development of new cargo terminals.  

December 2023 

  • Installation of a 50-kW Generator: To bolster the infrastructure at the railway BCP in the Volyn region, USAID ERA installed a 50-kW generator. This generator will provide vital backup power to one of Ukraine’s largest cargo BCPs, ensuring minimal disruption in cargo flow. 
  • Upgrade of Lighting Systems: The lighting systems at road BCPs in the Volyn and Zakarpattia regions underwent significant upgrades. USAID ERA replaced and installed 479 LED lights at these points, located on the borders with Poland and Slovakia, enhancing visibility and safety. 
  • Site Visits by Miyamoto Ukraine: Miyamoto Ukraine, a subcontractor of USAID ERA, conducted inspections of three key priority BCPs near Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia. The team evaluated the condition of unfinished terminals at two road BCPs in the Zakarpattia region and surveyed the expansion area for the cargo terminal at the road BCP in the Volyn region. 
  • Comprehensive visits to assess BCPs: A team from USAID ERA, along with contractors from Green Powered Technology and CDM Engineering, conducted visits to 7 priority BCPs in the Odesa and Chernivtsi regions. With this visit, ERA concludes assessment of 48% of the 43 BCPs targeted BCPs under the USAID support. During these visits, the team identified and assessed the conditions of the BCPs to develop work scopes, budgets, technical specifications, and implementation plans. Rapid upgrades have already began, with the installation of signs, barricades, and lighting at four priority BCPs. 

ERA’s key contractors: 

  • CDM Engineering Ukraine: Established in 2013, they provide high-quality engineering and environmental consulting services that align with international best practices. Theyoffer comprehensive project management services, encompassing design, procurement, technical supervision, and quality control. 
  • Green Powered Technology: Founded in 2010, this international consulting firm specializes in energy, engineering, and development assistance sectors. They focus on promoting sustainable, innovative energy and engineering solutions worldwide, offering green energy and cost-effective solutions for government and commercial projects.  
  • Miyamoto International Ukraine: Miyamoto International has an official presence in 27 countries worldwide. The Ukrainian branch, Miyamoto International Ukraine, boasts an engineering team of approximately 128 professionals based in their Ukraine office. This team will provide design and quality assurance for the BCP construction work under USAID ERA. Additionally, Miyamoto Ukraine is actively collaborating with the State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine and also working with regional and military administrations across various parts of the country. 

USAID ERA is enhancing the infrastructure and operational efficiency of Ukraine’s BCPs. Through strategic collaborations and the deployment of state-of-the-art technology, these improvements will strengthen the logistical capabilities and contribute to the economic resilience of Ukraine. The substantial progress in upgrading and assessing a significant number of BCPs demonstrates the effectiveness and impact of the USAID ERA’s work on BCPs. 

Background: Between 2023-2026, USAID, through the Economic Resilience Activity (ERA), is dedicating $115 million to support the State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine (SARDI), Ukrainian Railways (UZ), and State Customs Services, to upgrade border crossing points (BCPs) to improve grain trade and export volumes.