USAID helps private business to grow their capacities

AGRI-Ukraine Export Logistics Support
18 December 2023

On November 28, the USAID Economic Resilience Activity (USAID ERA delivered to the company “Private enterprise “Fenix Agro” scales for weighing road transport with grain. The scales will be used at the company’s facilities in the Cherkasy region – at grain warehouses in Uman. Now, the company is making a concrete foundation – a base-site for installing scales. They plan to complete these works by the end of January 2024. Then they will be able to use the scales. 

 The company had no scales suitable for weighing grain cars and rented scales from partner companies, spending time (because you had to go to the scales), fuel and money to pay for these services. The new scales will allow us to properly organize the reception, storage and shipment of grain from warehouses used by the company to large grain trucks, including directly for export. After the installation of scales, it will be able to weigh up to 750 tons of grain per day. 

PE “Fenix Agro” has operated since 2010 as a specialized trader and supplier serving a large agricultural community of farmers united in the First Ukrainian Agrarian Cooperative (PUSK), whose total land bank is more than 200,000 hectares. The cooperative unites 74 farmers in the central and western regions of Ukraine. The staff of PE “Fenix Agro” is more than 120 employees. 

Since 2020, the company has started selling grain crops for export. First of all, they sell agricultural products of the cooperative – corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower. The enterprise is rapidly increasing grain exports, as well as supplying feed raw materials and fuel for agricultural partners. Since March 2022, the enterprise has started active export activities and sold almost 16,000 tons of agricultural products for export. In the incomplete year of 2023, export volumes increased to 80,000 tons. The company plans to increase export volumes in the future. 

Background: Assistance to agricultural producers and infrastructure companies is part of the Agriculture Resilience Initiative (AGRI) – Ukraine, implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It aims to help Ukraine increase its capacity to produce, store, transport, and export grain.