Water filtration systems installed in towns near the frontline in Donetsk Oblast 

14 November 2023

USAID Economic Resilience Activity has purchased and installed water purification equipment to meet the needs of residents of towns located near the frontline in Donetsk Oblast. The two filtration stations have been installed at prepared wells. 

Each station cosnsist of pumps, water reservoirs (of 1,000 liters each), additional filters, and reverse osmosis systems. 

After the well was connected to the filtration station, the water was analyzed by the laboratory of the of the “Voda Donbasu” (Water of Donbas) company, and they concluded that it is suitable for consumption, clearing the way for residents to begin using the water. 

A lot of towns and villages in Donesk Oblast do not have access to a central water supply as water pipes are worn out or damaged from artillery attacks by Russia’s forces. These local residents suffer from disruptions of water supply and forced to buy drinking water, take it from unsafe) wells, or wait till the State Emergency Service bring it. As such, the filtration stations are vital in providing people with access to drinking water.