Agricultural companies’ mechanics are learning to maintain industrial generators

AGRI-Ukraine Export Logistics Support
17 May 2024

13 mechanical engineers and electricians from 4 Ukrainian agricultural companies—partners of USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA)—took a maintenance training course on industrial generators with a 2000 kW capacity. The training took place in April at Ostroh Higher Vocational School in the generator repair and maintenance laboratory. The training was organized by the International Foundation of Development with the support of USAID ERA.

The training included an online course accompanied by a practical generator testing section in the laboratories. This knowledge will help professionals properly maintain generators during power outages caused by Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

“At Baryshivka Grain Company, we have five generators that require maintenance and proper operation to ensure uninterrupted production processes at the elevator. The training helps us in maintain these units. Also, it would be interesting to attend lectures on grain dryers and transportation equipment at the elevator,” said Konstiantyn Kovalenko, an Engineer at LLC Baryshivka Grain Company.

Recently, USAID ERA purchased 10 high-capacity diesel generators for 6 agricultural companies in Ukraine. This will help to maintain all company operations, including grain transshipment, storage, and loading into wagons or trailers, even during blackouts.