Driving vision

Communications is an integral part of USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) technical work and approach, cutting across all components and interventions. ERA is striving to create a “buzz” in eastern Ukraine and a positive image of the region to help attract the investment, skilled workers, and youth needed to drive economic transformation.

ERA presented a new communication campaign “Cxid:Reload.” The mission of the campaign is to help and support those who seek to reload today for the sake of the success and prosperity of the future of eastern Ukraine.

Since 2018, ERA has been aiming to change stereotypes by empowering eastern Ukrainians to establish livelihoods and businesses in promising economic sectors, expand to new markets across Ukraine and beyond and promote the inspiring stories that change perspectives of the opportunities offered by the east of Ukraine.

CXID:Reload logoThe region has a rich historical and cultural background, high industrial potential. It can become a driver in the development of various economic directions and business sectors, changing/reloading the mindset of the population, especially young people. Unfortunately, studies demonstrate that many Ukrainians continue to associate the east of Ukraine with war, mines, and exclusively industrial cities.

Therefore, ERA attracted people from different regions of eastern Ukraine, representing different age ranges and professions to develop the concept and visual elements of the campaign “CXID: RELOAD”. “Reload” for them is an update of available resources and launch of a new way of thinking.


To increase participation in our programs, ERA promotes the opportunities it provides for marginalized populations. To reach vulnerable groups living in remote, rural areas who have no access to social media, ERA spreads the word about training and grants opportunities through advertisements in village post offices and outdoor advertisements in those areas.

ERA marketing campaign focuses on tourism promotion, agricultural business, IT, innovation for manufacturing (IM), and investment attraction. ERA supports capacity building for marketing materials development for tourism info centers and investment promotion centers and helps them advertise local products/services. We use our expertise to help our beneficiaries with the development of brand guidelines and promotional and marketing materials.