01 December 2022

ERA purchased water clean equipment (water filtration stations) for Myrnohrad, the city in Donetsk Oblast. The water filtration stations will be installed in two municipal schools and purify water in existing wells. This will serve as an alternative source of drinking water for the citizens.

It is expected that each of the water filtration stations will produce 10 cubic meters (m3) of water or 10,000 liters of water per day.

Since the beginning of the war, the city experiences a tremendous lack of drinking water – the South Donbas water pipeline that supplied water was damaged. As a result, Myrnohrad, along with other cities in the region, was connected to Karliv water reservoir, an alternative source of water supply. Unfortunately, the water is not suitable for drinking and has been supplied only three days per week. Therefore installation of the station will improve the quality of life for locals and partially solve the problem with drinking water in Myrnohrad.