12 October 2022

Two handbooks, “Guidelines on business relocation” and “Guidelines for the host community”, have been developed by experts from the public organization GoLocal with USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) assistance.

The authors of the guidelines worked with host communities and summarized the experience of enterprises that moved their production facilities to safer regions after the beginning of Russia’s aggression. The lessons learned were systematized and published in the form of recommendations.

“Based on practical experience during the program, we have developed and summarized key recommendations for enterprises that have already relocated to other regions, are planning to, or are currently in the process of moving. We cover situation analysis; finding possible locations for business relocation; preparing the company for relocation and the process itself; launching the company’s activities in a new place, and a checklist for resuming company operations. We have also created a guide for host communities, as it is necessary to assess the community’s capacity for receiving new enterprises; create a team for attracting businesses to the community; identify key stakeholders for receiving displaced enterprises; look for business premises, and help with integrating the enterprise into the economic and social life of the community. We hope that these guidelines will be useful for both entrepreneurs and communities, and the recommendations and checklists will have practical application and be able to facilitate processes related to the transportation of business capacities and resumption of work,” says author of the handbooks Lidia Pashchuk, economics Ph.D, associate professor and project expert.

The guidelines in Ukrainian is available at the link –

The Business Advisory Support Initiative for relocated small and medium enterprises is implemented with the assistance of ERA.