Opening of inclusive educational space at Lviv Polytechnic National University

23 May 2024

With support from USAID’s Economic Resilience Activity, Lviv Polytechnic National University opened the inclusive educational space, “No Limits,” on May 16, 2024. The new space hosts an interactive educational system, including a lingaphone class for 15 students with visual impairments, and equipment such as a projector, interactive board, laptop with software, monitor, headset, analog panel and switch unit, printer, and two video magnifiers. This equipment will create more educational opportunities for students with visual or hearing impairments, or musculoskeletal disorders. The space also offers opportunities for development and learning, such as lectures, master classes, and educational and entertaining activities. 

“Today’s event is the first step toward providing greater access to higher education and development of an inclusive university culture,” said Nazar Podolchak, Head of the Tech StartUp School at Lviv Polytechnic. “Currently, our team is working with students and staff to improve the working conditions of the space and engage mentors to conduct trainings that will contribute to comprehensive development ofcourses, ultimately benefitting students.“   

Since 2017, Lviv Polytechnic has been making efforts to improve the availability of educational services for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. There are currently more than 300 students with special educational needs enrolled in various specialties and academic courses at the university.  


After the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, No Limits started cooperating with the Veteran Development Center of the University. As of now, 77 combat veterans are studying at Lviv Polytechnic.  

“We have been dreaming about a space like this in Luhansk Oblast since 2009,” explained Mykola Naduchichnyi, Head of the Luhansk Association for Organizations of People with Disabilities. “I was impressed when I found out our dream came true here in Lviv. We will be promoting all these wonderful opportunities within our community, attend events, and continue development and cooperation with the university.”  

The space is located at the address: Lviv city, 2/4, Karpinskoho Street, 1st training corps, auditorium 112. 

You can find more information about No Limits’ new space on their website: