USAID ERA expands grain transportation capabilities

18 August 2023

USAID Economic Resilience Activity (USAID ERA) has purchased 50 new hopper wagons for NIBULON, each of which can carry up to 70 tons of grain. On 11 August, the last batch of wagons arrived for loading at one of the company’s branches, with a destination of one of the ports on the Danube River.

All cars are manufactured at the Karpaty Research and Mechanical Plant.

Russia continues to block the operation of NIBULON’s river ports on the Pivdennyi Buh and Dnieper rivers. As a result, grain from these elevators is loaded onto wagons for further export through the ports of Odesa region.

“We are extremely grateful to USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) for their assistance,” said Mykhailo Rizak, Director of Government Relations and Sustainable Development. “Ukraine has won three times in this partnership: Karpaty received an order, NIBULON received transport equipment to keep river ports operating in the face of blocked river navigation, and Ukrainian producers received better purchase prices for their products.”

Prior to the blockade, more than 15 million tons of cargo was transported through the Dnieper and Pivdennyi Buh annually, of which more than 4 million tons was grain.

Assistance to agricultural producers and infrastructure companies is part of USAID’s Agriculture Resilience Initiative – Ukraine. It aims to help Ukraine increase its capacity to produce, store, transport, and export grain.