USAID Helps Reduce Nibulon’s Logistics Costs Despite Russia’s Blockade 

AGRI-Ukraine Export Logistics Support
07 June 2024

On May 31, USAID, through its Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) delivered 13 grain trailers, each with a carrying capacity of 25.5 tons, to Nibulon. These trailers will reduce grain transportation costs and facilitate further exports.  

The USAID provided trailers will reduce Nibulon’s transportation costs by 20 percent and reduce dependence on rentals from third-party providers. Nibulon currently owns 212 grain wagons and 139 grain trailers.  

Nibulon’s Director for Interaction with Public Authorities, Mykhailo Rizak highlights how important the 13 grain trailers are in their strategic logistics pivot, responding to the Russian blockade of the Dnipro and Pivdennyi Buh river ports. The USAID-provided trailers will transport grain from Nibulon’s headquarters at the blocked river ports to the Odesa ports. 

Starting in 2023, USAID provided Nibulon with 50 grain wagons, grain testing equipment and samplers, three generators, two truck scales, and two train scales. USAID support allows Nibulon to mitigate their asset losses due to Russia’s full-scale invasion and continue to export grain, despite Russia’s blockade. 

Assistance to agricultural producers and infrastructure companies is part of the Agriculture Resilience Initiative (AGRI) – Ukraine, implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It aims to help Ukraine increase its capacity to produce, store, transport, and export grain.