USAID supplies trash bins and road barricades to enhance facilities at 13 border crossing points

BCP Renovation and Reconstruction
28 May 2024

USAID, through the Economic Resilience Activity (ERA), continues to upgrade Ukraine’s western border crossing points (BCPs). In April and May, ERA delivered a total of 36 waste sorting trash bins, 28 large garbage containers, and 208 water-filled road barricades to Rava-Ruska–Hrebenne (Poland), Chop–Zahony, VylokTiszabecsi, KosynoBarabash, and Dzvinkove–Lonia (all BCPs on the border with Hungary), Malyi BerezniyU’bla (Slovakia), SolotvynoSighetu (Romania), and SokyrianyOcnita, VashkivtsiHrimenkeuts, KelmentsiLarga, Starokozache–Tudora, Rososhany–Brichen, and Mamalyga–Kryva (all BCPs on the border with Moldova). 

The bins are already in use and improving cleanliness at the BCPs, and will help foster environmental responsibility and in alignment with established practices in Europe. The road barriers are enhancing safety for motorists, pedestrians, and BCP officials. This support is part of broader efforts of USAID ERA to improve the efficiency, accessibility, and logistics capacity for BCPs in support of the export of grain and other essential agro-commodities, which is crucial for Ukraine’s economic recovery. 

Background: Between 2023-2026, USAID, through the Economic Resilience Activity (ERA), is dedicating $115 million to support the supports the Government of Ukraine, including the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine (Ministry for Restoration), the State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine (Agency for Restoration), the State Customs Service, and Ukrainian Railways (UZ), to upgrade 42 of Ukraine’s border crossing points (BCPs).