USAID Supports the Development of a Business Community in Volyn Oblast

14 February 2024

The USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) is helping to renovate the “Novo” Business Support Center in Novovolynsk, Volyn Oblast. The center will serve as a dynamic hub for entrepreneurial excellence, where aspiring and established entrepreneurs will gather to forge vital business connections, access pro bono legal counsel, and participate in different trainings to launch and manage their businesses.

USAID ERA provided over $50,000 in construction materials that the Novo Business Center will use to transform a 1960’s building into a vibrant, modern business support center. Renovation materials range from new windows and doors to materials for the interior renovation of the premises. Additionally, USAID ERA provided a generator for the business center to be used during power outages.

“In the business center, the representatives of local authorities will learn how to create projects, develop business initiatives, and unite entrepreneurs into associations for protection and representation on various levels,” explained Borys Karpus, Mayor of Novovolynsk. “Building entrepreneurial communities is very important for our city and country. I believe medium, small, and micro businesses should serve as the ground of our independent economy,” he continued.

With renovations already underway on a 200-square-meter area, the center is on track to complete its comprehensive makeover by July 2024, including replacing windows, doors, flooring, and water pipes. Additionally, installing glass partitions will carve separate workspaces, while decorative enhancements, like paint, will refresh the space. Over 4,000 private entrepreneurs and 800 limited liability companies are registered in the Novovolynsk community. According to the Mayor of Novovolynsk, the business center will serve as a magnet for them and new small and medium-sized businesses in Novovolynsk and other nearby communities.

ERA-supported “Novo” Business Support Center in Novovolynsk, Volyn Oblast, which received $50,000 worth of materials to upgrade into a modern business hub for the community.

Generator provided by ERA to be used during power outages so that the business center operations can run smoothly without interruption.

New windows and other materials provided by ERA will help insulate and modernize the business center.